• Considering the present COVID-19 situation, what are your policies for last minute cancellations due to health reasons ?


    We understand that under current circumstances there may be some unavoidable last minute  cancellations (within 14 days) due to health reasons including COVID-19 symptoms or positive test results. We will automatically convert last minute cancellations (within 14 days) into a VIRTUAL PARTY via Zoom ( Artiste package) for the same participant tier as the original party. This will allow you to:

    1) Have the event at the same date and time as a Virtual Party ( at least 3 day notice required) or

    2) Rescheduled as a Virtual Party (via Zoom) only for another date. – The extended date must lie within 30 days from the original party date for it to be modified without cancellation penalties.

    3) Kits only (no Zoom) – Same pricing as the Artiste package

    NO IN-STUDIO PARTY OPTION at a later date will be available for last minute cancellations (within 14 days).

  • What type of painting surfaces can I choose for my party?

You can either choose a canvas theme for your party OR items from our selection of ceramic/rock/unfinished wood/blank canvases.

  • What is a themed canvas party?

For a themed canvas party, you pick a theme from our collection of canvas paintings. On the day of the event, one of our Art leads will lead the themed painting step-by-step and help all the participants in creating their own unique artwork.

  • I’m not interested in themed canvas parties. What are my options?

We have lots of ceramic, rock and unfinished wood surfaces and you’ll surely find something that inspires you.

  • Can I bring my own food (for In-Studio Events) ?

You can bring cake, bagged chips, bottled water and candy for your party.

  • What is the maximum number of participants that you can accommodate (for In-Studio Events) ?

The maximum number of participants varies by studio location. Please contact your local studio for more information.

  • Will there be enough seating for all adults (for In-Studio Events) ?

We have benches in our Party Room  for adults/additional guests to be seated.

  • Is Gratuity Included in the Party Price  ?

Gratuity is not automatically charged but is optional and always welcome.

  • What is included in the Virtual Parties?

The party package price includes materials and supplies for up to a fixed number participants depending on the package, and live instructions by our art instructor via Zoom. Each additional participant price (see our party page more information) includes supplies for them.
Supplies included in each kit are as follows: a painting surface, paints, 2 brushes, disposable apron and a plate for mixing colors.

  • How do you pack the kits for the Virtual Parties?

Each kit is individually packed and includes a painting surface, paints, 2 brushes, disposable apron and a plate for mixing colors.