• What type of painting surfaces can I choose for my party?

You can either choose a canvas theme for your party OR items from our selection of ceramic/rock/unfinished wood/blank canvases.

  • What is a themed canvas party?

For a themed canvas party, you pick a theme from our collection of canvas paintings. On the day of the event, one of our Art leads will lead the themed painting step-by-step and help all the participants in creating their own unique artwork.

  • I’m not interested in themed canvas parties. What are my options?

We have lots of ceramic, rock and unfinished wood surfaces and you’ll surely find something that inspires you.

  • Can I bring my own food?

You can bring cake, bagged chips, bottled water and candy for your party.

  • What is the maximum number of participants that you can accomodate?

The maximum number of participants varies by studio location. Please contact your local studio for more information.

  • Will there be enough seating for all adults?

We have benches in our Party Room  for adults/additional guests to be seated.

  • Is Gratuity Included in the Party Price  ?

Gratuity is not automatically charged but is optional and always welcome.