“Technology married with liberal arts, married with humanities, that yields us the results that make our heart sing.”

– Steve Jobs

Who we are…

Creatif is an art studio where YOU are the Artiste! We believe that everyone is an artist. Our goal is to help YOU find YOUR artistic voice.

Integrating Art with Technology is what makes Creatif unique. By finding the perfect balance between Art and Technology, Creatif is making art relevant, for the present and future generations.

What we offer…

Whether you are looking for an instructor led painting workshop, or a series of art lessons for your toddler, or want to simply drop-in and enjoy a do-it-yourself session, Creatif provides a perfect venue for your inner artiste.

We also offer paint parties for kids and adults, where you can celebrate a birthday, graduation, baby shower or any special event.

Lastly, our kids camps are super popular for families in the community where kids can have fun, learn and create at the same time.

My vision for Créatif is to see it grow into a brand that redefines an Art Studio. By integrating Art with Technology, I think we can achieve this. I want to see us becoming an integral part of our customer’s meaningful experiences, their artistic development and their cherished memories. 

– Jaya Aiyar, Founded of Créatif

How it all began…

The idea to start Creatif sparked in May 2016 when Creatif founder Jaya Aiyar realized that there was a dearth of art studios where kids & adults could experience art. Her ideal space was one that also offered a clean, modern, inviting and inspiring environment.

Most newer studios being a part of the paint-and-sip trend had resulted in a lack of family-friendly art places. The older art studios focused only on ceramics, where the customers created their art and waited for a week, to see it in its finished form.

It didn’t build an excitement or offer the kind of satisfaction, which is achieved when a person gets to see their creation, share their experience and their unique artwork with others, spontaneously.

It was the beginning of a thought that developed into Creatif.

The Future…

Creatif aspires to bring the community together, by providing a space for interaction between the local artists and art enthusiasts. By providing planned art sessions with different local artists we’ll promote synergy and build a love for art within our communities.

“Every artist was first an amateur”

– Ralph Waldo Emerson